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    On-Site Ultrasonic Troubleshooting, Mechanical Inspection & Leak Detection

    CF PUMPSERVE uses ULTRAPROBE® Ultrasonic Detection Systems by UE SYSTEMS for ultrasonic mechanical inspection, troubleshooting, monitoring and leak detection in the field.

    Ultrasonic technology has been linked to Predictive Maintenance and Energy Conservation for over thirty years. If you would like to utilize CF PUMPSERVE's Ultrasonic Detection Services, please visit our Contact Us Page.

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    Ultrasound Advantages

    The advantages of ultrasound condition monitoring are many.

    • Users can hear in real-time the sounds of operating equipment
    • Ultrasound is a localized signal, which helps operators identify a sound source
    • Ultrasound provides early warning indications of failure conditions
    • Heterodyned sound samples can be recorded and analyzed on a PC
    • Sound samples can be both heard in real time when analyzed on a PC
    • Sound samples can be viewed on Vibration Analyzers, providing high resolution
    • Ultrasound will detect lack of lubrication & prevent over lubrication
    • Ultrasound instruments are extremely effective for Condition-Based Lubrication programs
    • Ultrasound is very effective for monitoring slow speed bearings
    • Ultrasound is very effective for monitoring bearings of all speeds
    • Software provides important data for, trend reports, alarm grouping and analysis
    • Ultrasound can trend cavitation problems
    • Ultrasound detects faulty gear teeth
    • Ultrasound instruments can be used in noisy environments
    • Ultrasound instruments support other technologies

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    Ultrasonic Testing Applications & Services by CF PUMPSERVE

    CF PUMPSERVE's Ultrasonic Testing Services can be used in most any industry, including general manufacturing, processing, power generation and distribution, printing and transportation.

    Typical applications include:

    Leak Detection:
    Pressure or vacuum systems, seals and gaskets, wind noise, hatch leaks, vacuum bagging, compressed air, compressors, valves, steam traps, heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, building envelope, glove box, distillation columns.

    Mechanical Inspection:
    Bearing faults (all speeds), lack of lubrication, prevent over lubrication, compressors, pumps (cavitation), motors, gears/gear boxes, hydraulic systems, fans, couplings, trending, trend reports, spectral analysis.

    Electrical Inspection:
    Electrical inspection can be performed on pump motors and other process equipment in the field.

    Click on an application for more information:

    Bearing Inspection / Monitoring

    CF PUMPSERVE's Ultraprobe Ultrasound Technology detects the earliest stage of bearing failure. NASA research has demonstrated that ultrasound bearing monitoring will locate potential bearing failure long before it is detected by traditional heat and vibration methods. With the Ultraprobe, users hear the sound quality of a bearing as well as monitor amplitude changes on the display/ meter. This provides the ability to trend, trouble shoot and confirm potential bearing problems. Frequency Tuning allows CF PUMPSERVE to tune into a bearing and isolate it for analysis regardless of competing signals.

    Prevention of Over-Lubrication
    Over-lubrication can be prevented with CF PUMPSERVE's Ultrasonic Technology by simply lubricating only until the meter reaches a specified level. Over lubrication is one of the most common causes of bearing failure.


    Mechanical Inspection of Pumps, Motors, Compressors, Gears, Gear Boxes & More

    All types of operating equipment may be inspected with an Ultraprobe. Since Ultraprobe works in a high frequency, short wave environment, problems such as cavitation in pumps, compressor valve leakage or missing gear teeth may be heard and isolated. Ultraprobe’s Frequency Tuning allows CF PUMPSERVE Field Technicians to quickly tune in to problem sounds and recognize them with little previous experience due to the clarity of the heterodyned signal.

    Reciprocating Compressor Valve Analysis
    has become so successful with the Ultraprobe, many engine analyzer companies now offer instruments with an ultrasonic input port.


    Valve Inspection

    Valve activity such as leakage or blockage can be accurately checked while the valve is on line. Properly seated valves are relatively quiet while leaking valves produce a turbulent flow as the fluid moves from the high pressure side through the leak to the low pressure side. Due to a wide sensitivity and ultrasonic frequency selection range, all types of valves even in noisy environments can be accurately tested.

    Valve Stem Inspection
    Valve stems may be quickly tested for leaks to atmosphere.


    Pressure / Vaccuum Leak Detection

    As any gas (air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) passes through a leak orifice, it generates a turbulent flow with detectable high frequency components. By scanning the test area with an Ultraprobe, a leak can be heard through the headset as a rushing sound or noted on the display/ meter. The closer the instrument is to the leak, the louder the rushing sound and the higher the reading. Should ambient noise be a problem, a rubber focusing probe may be used to narrow the instrument’s reception field and to shield it from conflicting ultrasounds. In addition, Frequency Tuning dramatically reduces background noise interference to provide ease of ultrasonic leak detection.


    Steam Trap Inspection

    Major steam trap manufacturers have recommended ultrasound inspection of steam traps as one of the most reliable inspection methods available. By converting the ultrasonic elements of a working steam trap into the audible range, Ultraprobe allows CF PUMPSERVE Field Technicians to hear the exact condition of a steam trap while it is on line. Blow-by, machine gunning, oversized traps or line blockage are all easily detected. Frequency tuning enhances our ability to discriminate between condensate and steam. Ultrasound markedly reduces confusion from extraneous sounds or from heat transfer, even when traps are extremely close together.


    Heat Exchangers, Boilers & Condenser Inspection

    In-leakage or pressure leakage can be readily located with the Ultraprobe. Fittings, valves, flanges are all easily scanned for leakage. The high frequency, short wave nature of ultrasound allows operators to pinpoint the location of a leak in high noise environments. Condenser tubes and heat exchanger tubes may be tested for leakage through three methods: vacuum, pressure, Ultratone.

    Vacuum – The tube sheet is scanned for the tell-tale rushing sound produced as the leak draws air into the tube.

    Pressure – Additional testing may be performed when the system is off-line utilizing air pressure around the tube bundle and scanning for the rushing sound produced from the leaking tube.

    Ultratone – A unique method that is also employed for heat exchangers is the "Ultratone" method in which a powerful high frequency transmitter floods the shell side of the exchanger with ultrasound. The generated sound will follow the leak path through the tube. A scan of the tube sheet will indicate the leaking tube.


    Electrical Inspection

    Arcing, tracking, & corona discharge: Arcing, tracking, & corona discharge produce ultrasound at the site of emission. These electrical discharges can be located quickly by scanning with ultrasonic detection equipment. Switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, buss bars, relays, junction boxes, insulators, and other electrical gear can be inspected.