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       Customers Throughout the Entire Midwest
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    About Us: CF PUMPSERVE Pump Repair Division of Corrosion Fluid Products Corp.

    "Closing the Loop"- Showcasing CF PUMPSERVE Pump Repair
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    CF PUMPSERVE, a division of Corrosion Fluid Products Corp., is aimed to be the Midwest's foremost pump repair service provider. We have invested heavily in our facilities, equipment, and resources to achieve this goal.

    Our trained staff is knowledgeable about every aspect of the pumps & process equipment repair/rebuild business. With many years of hands-on experience, our technicians are the best in the field.

    At CF PUMPSERVE, we repair/rebuild all centrifugal and positive displacement (PD) industrial process and sanitary pumps, as well as valves, mechanical seals, gearboxes, blowers, mixers, heat exchangers; virtually all fluid handling equipment from any manufacturer.

    Our mission is to provide customers with the proper information and the best pump repair service faster than anyone else in the business. This passion for quick service is exemplified in our company motto, "Competence and Speed!"

    Closing the Loop - CF PUMPSERVE Pump Repairs
    Closing the Loop is our specialty. We give customers a factory trained resource for repairing their pumps and other fluid handling equipment, on call 24/7 for emergency service. That's peace of mind.    That's CF PUMPSERVE!

    For more information about our parent company, Corrosion Fluid Products Corp., please visit www.corrosionfluid.com.

    If you would like to learn more about our sanitary products division, please visit our PureServe Systems website at www.pureserve.com.